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Company History

With over sixty combined years of experience in the oil and gas business, Brett G. Taylor and Joe B. Neuhoff co-founded Neuhoff-Taylor Royalty Company and Taylor Companies in 1998. Together with Kimbell Royalty Group and Rivercrest Group of Fort Worth, Texas, we have acquired over seven hundred million dollars of royalty, mineral and overriding royalty assets. Mr. Taylor and Robert D. Ravnaas have led all land due diligence and engineering evaluations on every transaction in our 20 year history. Indeed, our approach may be different than most.

Neuhoff-Taylor Royalty Company and Kimbell Royalty Group are proud to have a long-standing reputation of honesty, integrity and performance. Our partnerships own and manage producing oil and natural gas assets in more than twenty eight states. Our assets were acquired primarily from oil and gas companies, both large and small. Assuredly, these sophisticated sellers would not sell their assets for less than market value. We are happy to provide references to any potential seller that is serious about obtaining top value for their producing assets.